Winterlodging: Umlaut, Octatanz, Heta Bilaletdin, Samuli Tanner

It has been a while we tried to make an event in “Pailgio Perlas” resort. We even thought to organise our festival there. The place is located on Pailgis lake, 40km away from Vilnius and is easy to reach by train. It has an authentic main building with the halls in the 2nd and the 3rd floor. Finally, we do a mini gathering this winter.
You are welcome to stay in the nature over the weekend, take sauna and hot tub, listen to a concert in the evening, and dance over the night.

will start around 8 pm but you are welcome to come to the area on Saturday whenever you like. We’ll be in place from around noun.

Ü! are Cosmo Was and Samoln Bardsley. They have released two singles on Valley Sound Records. Pop music shredded, salted and squashed into an acid ferment bubbling at the brim.

Oscar der Winzige and M. Aerobica, together they offer a selection of ideas floating around in the deepest recesses of musical sub-culture.

Heta Bilaletdin is an artist working with many mediums: experimental music, moving image and installation. Since early 2010s she has been active in multiple roles in the experimental ug of Helsinki, playing in bands like Olimpia Splendid and Myttys, organising events, VJing and DJing.
When working alone she creates music concrete, fumbling beats, sugary melodies, ominous bedroom dub and unexpected pop with a playful and occasionally melancholic aesthetic.

Samuli Tanner is an electronic music composer & drummer from Finland. His experimental electronic music has a strange appeal: clumsy on purpose, sometimes dark, sometimes syrup, sometimes makes you dance, sometimes falls to pieces. Samuli has previously worked under the names Siihhi, Worldbank and Ponytail. He also works in groups like Myttys, Tiiu Helinä, Mustat Kalsarit & Market.

ARRIVAL by TRAIN 45 min.

Vilnius-Pailigis (Saturday, 21st Jan)
Departs at 14:35, arrives 15:25.
Unfortunately, officially trains departing at 17:50 and 19:50 does not stop in “Pailgis” station on Saturdays. We are talking to the Railway company to make an exception. We’ll inform you additionally about the train schedule.
Pailgis-Vilnius (Sunday, 22nd Jan)
Departures: 10:50, 14:22, 17:37.
Roundtrip: 6.50 Eur
There is a 5 min. walk from the “Pailgis” station to the events place.

ARRIVAL by CAR 50 min. (40 km)

It is possible to stay in the wooden houses over the night. There are 5 heated houses with two double rooms and one 3-4 places room in each house. Houses are equipped with kitchen, shower, toilet and chimney. In total 30 official places to stay during the winter season. More people could stay in each house/room, but extra mattresses and sleeping bags would be needed.

Price per night per person is 15 Eur.
To book the room/bed in the house e-mail:
We’ll announce here in case all places are booked already.

We will provide a small bar, but you are welcome to bring your own drinks in case you need it.
The food could be prepared in the wooden houses in case you rent it for sleep, otherwise you can ask people to use their kitchen when it’s free.
It would be best if everybody would bring some food for themselves and prepare it in small groups.

Event entrance price: 12 Eur
Cash or Revolut: @ebresults
Limited to 100 tickets

If you can’t afford paying 12 Eur for the concerts and dj set, please get in touch and we’ll find a way for you to be able to attend the event.