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For those who know the place and the people around it there is not much to tell. At the moment we can’t invite you for a concert, a happening or a workshop, but there is no way to avoid paying the utilities that comes up to 500 Euro per month in winter time. We are forced to ask for your support to be able to maintain the 300 sq/m space during the closure.

Nevertheless, our activities were never interrupted completely and we are alive: the recording studio started operating and we are currently working on 4 music albums that will be released on our home label in the first quarter of 2021. MUSIKIí RADIJO (online radio) is playing the archive of DIY music, including live recordings of concerts, unique radio shows and more 24/7. We are continuously upgrading the venue and its infrastructure.

Help us collect the insufficient funds.

For those who don’t know us or never have visited the space, here is a long story short.

We are a bunch of individuals running “Empty Brain Resort” in Vilnius. It is a space for musicians and other artists who create and perform outside the mainstream industries. Apart from music, that is our common interest, we do much more here.

All this started around 12 years ago. People in the main team were always slowly changing. With some who left we are still in touch. They might be doing something related to this field in other towns of Europe. Only a few disappeared completely.

Before we got our current premises, we were organising music and art events in random spaces and gradually developed a music festival BRAILLE SATELLITE that became our major gathering of the year.

5 years ago we’ve started to look for premises to have a permanent base. We’ve started unsuccessfully losing the building in 2018, which we intended to buy after 2 years of searches and savings.

Then we got a possibility to become a part of new cultural hub, that was partially abandoned in Vitebsko str. at that time.

The team is somehow international. Most of the people who are currently participating in our activities, live in Vilnius or Berlin, or other cities of Europe. We run a concert venue, recording studio, independent label, online radio, and Braille Satellite festival. Music residencies were about to start…

From October of 2019 until the first quarantine we did 20 events. And 23 more till November of 2020, and had to close again.

Help us collect the insufficient funds.