Upstairs Planet

Upstairs Planet - a film about the 80s Lo-Fi legends, Cleaners From Venus

It is a great opportunity to see the film about the 80s Lo-Fi legends, Cleaners From Venus. The film was only showed several times worldwide and here we have it in Vilnius.

Martin Newell is a poet, songwriting genius and Godfather of British Lo-fi, ‘Upstairs Planet’ is about the greatest band from the 1980s you’ve maybe not heard of: Cleaners From Venus.

Funny, moving and entertaining, Upstairs Planet is a story about a relatively unknown cult 80s musician who has been a tremendous influence on many and admired by a whole host of artists (MGMT, XTC, Ariel Pink, John Cooper Clarke, Mac deMarco, etc). We’re talking cassette culture, DIY punk attitudes and intelligent, poetic lyricism that should have found a much wider audience.

Looking like a 19th Century asylum warden, these days – Martin Newell, a natural raconteur, gives us his eccentric, irascible world view and hints at why, maybe, the big time wasn’t for him.

Review in Quietus:

Graham Bendel’s previous films include ‘Derailed Sense’ (about Vic Godard & Subway Sect) and ‘Billy Childish is Dead’ (nominated for a British Independent Film Award).

Graham has written novels, published books and even this year co-wrote a song with the increasingly popular art-rock band Snapped Ankles. He is related to the man who first published The Naked Lunch, Lolita and the SCUM Manifesto.

All done independently, without big companies and a big budget.

Door opens 6:30 pm
Duration: 71 min.
Donation: 3 eur or more
(85 eur collected goes to film director the rest to the venue)