Throw head and body will follow

Throw head and body will follow

Riccardo Moro [IT] & Gregoire Fiaux live [CH] Live
elevator guitar loops &
synths’ layers on top

R. Moro is a player of instruments, creator of spontaneous music and organizer of little events based between Porto and Rome . Fond of twisted oneiric landscapes in life situations he will present his fun with his guitar, this time with the special collaboration of the local Greg on synthesisers

R. Moro
G. Fiaux

Bobby dj set [CH]
Founder of the label 1000 Balles and co-CEO of Kakakids Records, Bob produces records and organizes concerts in the obscure places of Geneva. Sometimes, for friends’ venues or festivals, she slips behind the turntables to make the audience enjoy a set ranging from weird post-punk to underground electronics.

M. Aerobica dj set [LT]
Thrown by the square lifebuoy M. Aerobica propels a reliable music into the digital age. He delves into sounds, which at a first glance may seem not sensuous but familiar, and uses it as a tool to communicate. Unexpected compositions, rhythmic experiments, catchy travels, undiscovered pop songs, and the whole passion found in an inexhaustible musical subculture are expected in a dj set.

Entrance 5 Eur