The Vaulting Pole of Braille Satellite

The Vaulting Pole of Braille Satellite

The 4th edition of an annual DIY music and arts festival Braille Satellite 2022 will take place in the Mushroom Manor Park on the last weekend of July.

Keeping our direction, we’ll present different genres of music divided between three stages. Undiscovered legends of subcultural music, homemade musicians, new bands from this era and other curiosities will be playing music for 4 days.

Braille Satellite is a non-commercial event of music and other arts that is not financially supported and is based on DIY principles. The whole “power” comes from the people that are willing this festival to happen and either are donating money to cover expenses or offering other kinds of help.

The festival aims to present the bands and performers that create music outside the mainstream industry.

The festival results in the great summit of people from all around the world who are interested in exchanging experiences in a unique atmosphere and are sharing this way of celebration and freedom.

The festival is curated by the Octatanz duo: Matas Labasauskas and Oscar Olias Castellanos.