The Poetry Machinery

Poetry Machinery

„The Poetry Machinery“ is a smaller scale version of Erik Alalooga´s mechanical sound machinery. Poetry you are about to hear is written in language of machines. It is written by strength of materials, by signs of deformation, by arbitrar implemention of error, by superiority of DIY philosophy and a brutal force. It is time to learn language of machines instead of pressing machines to learn human language!
Erik Alalooga has applied many ideas through investigations into several artistic contexts. He has arranged installations, produced sound art, led sound ensembles and performed theatre. Each of the contexts he works in deals with physicality, with relationships to objects. He also explores how objects relate to each other, or at least how we perceive them relating. When discussing, viewing and/or participating in his work, the audience should think clearly about their relationships to the sounds, machines and actions they are experiencing. Evolution seems to have engrained in us something so deep in our psyche that we often do not even realize its there: the ability to discover highly complex ideas through basic interactions with materials.

Entrance: 3 Eur