Pic, Nic & The Distorted Time Frequency

Enjoying the freedom of Fantomas front yard* during the whole Sunday with live concerts, dj music, little flea market stand, and some snacks.
More important Discounted 70 eur BRAILLE SATELLITE festival tickets will be available for purchase whole day. We have not covered all expenses of the festival yet, but decided to sell cheaper tickets just because we know there are some people who can’t afford paying more and they are willing to be in the festival from the beginning to the end. If you are wealthy enough to pay full price at the moment, please do that.
After 10 pm we will move inside of the house.



* – While the front yard’s counterpart, the backyard, is often dominated by utilitarian features like vegetable gardens, tool sheds, and clothes lines, the front yard is often a combination decorative feature and recreation area.

Free entrance