Patiltė II: Walls & Birds / De Beren Gieren

Patiltė II

June 27th
The enigmatic and often extraordinary live shows of Berlin based band WALLS & BIRDS conjoining poetry, humor, seriousness and amusement, make them lovely to everyone who can let go into this kind of (atmo-)sphere. In the mid-2010s the band self-released albums Daytona Beach (2015) and Fitness Lady Wellness (2017) leading to a devoted fanbase worldwide. WALLS & BIRDS consists of Tillie Bedeau (vocals + guitar), Rosie (vocals), Leo (keys + bass) and Jannis (drums).

July 3rd

De Beren Gieren from Belgium, the home ground of surrealism and techno, is a post-contemporary jazz trio in which minimalism and bursting energy go hand in hand. The band consists of musicians highly active in the European music scene, whose versatility flows freely in multi-layered, improvised and visionary music of De Beren Gieren.