Malvern Brume ~ hunterc44t ~ Kult Ferrat ~ Ragemore ~ Ugne Uma & Frans Æmbient ~ Cristian de la Era

Malvern Brume
London’s Malvern Brume is the moniker of Rory Salter, making use of a considered mix of bric-à-brac of field recordings, playful improvised synthesis, voice recordings and object clatter, to form a foggy and skewed perspective of the everyday.
Kult Ferrat
an unexpected collaboration of Morrigun (Aušra) and the head of Raguvos (Ingula) under the name of “Kult Ferat”. You might know them personally, but nobody knows what their sparkling minds will bring in this collaboration. It might be wavy, it might rustle, or it will crackle and buzz. We will discover on the day of betrayal.


Ugne Uma & Franz Æmbient (Kashual Plastik)
Cristian de la Era…/curbing-emotions-mixtape-3…

doors 10pm
9eur, no guestlist!