Mafitikliush by shishi

Mafitikliush by shishi

sky is blue
roses are different colours
sky will soon be grey
let’s go say byebye to the summer
ateikit į namų kiemą, pasidžiaugt vasara dar truputį ir tuo mūsų kur vinilu, kur kad yra iš tikro.



Kartu džiaugsis Louder Than Mice

Louder Than Mice is an instrumental duo from Kaunas which has been operating in obscurity since 2014. Currently, the band is focusing on Americana-derived jazz (allegedly) popularized by the lord and savior Bill Frisell, mixing it with post-hardcore and African and Latin rhythms. “These guys can sure roll.” – I. Stravinsky

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20:00 – Louder Than Mice
21:00 – shishi