Leave No Trace in-home party

Leave No Trace in-home party

We are making the first spontaneous in-home party with people who are spending their days in place. Some are working, some are just hanging out. This should become a repetitive one. As the whole complex will be open for visitors on the weekend, we would play as well, we thought:

is Mėta Peligrimaitė & Sholto Dobie duo on flute and hurdy gurdy.

Viltė 15 min., a short piano session.

Justcheking Banjo

Amour amour
will be playing bass and I will sing

Johnny Flower
he is Johnny I’m a flower dj set

Gintarė Satellitė
Contact me

M. Aerobica
propels a reliable music into the digital age. He delves into sounds that at a first glance may seem not sensuous but familiar and uses it as a tool to communicate. The Unexpected compositions, Rhythmic experiments, Catchy travels, Undiscovered pop songs, – the whole passion found in an inexhaustible musical sub-culture is expected