Late Planting


Plant market all day long with music in the background and live concerts in the evening. Exotic verdures, Eatable plant dishes, 1 Eur lottery, Special auction, Food & drinks in place. All the money will be used to organise “Braille Satellite” festival. The ones who would like to join the market and sell plants or seeds please call +370 685 75566 and contribute. “Braille Satellite” festival tickets will be available for purchase whole day.


LES HALLES (Not Not Fun)

French exoticist Baptiste Martin has been crafting fragile pastures of pan flute, field recordings, and stargazing keys as Les Halles since 2012, inspired by a formatively nostalgic night alone “watching the summer sky, thinking of all the mystery.”

A C O U U (Indian Redhead)

Accou’s performances are journeys: through collages of field recordings blended with a slightly worrying incoherent juxtaposition of synthesizers, he tells a flamboyant yet delusional pilgrimage of a marauder at the edges of the somewhat coming enlightenment.


Oscar der Winzige (Berlin)


M. Aerobica (Vilnius)


Marek Voida (Vilnius)

We will continue a pre-party at Yucatan Extensión with guest dj:

Ondula (Berlin)