Jerusalem In My Heart + UMMO

Jerusalem In My Heart (JIMH)

JIMH returns with Daqa’iq Tudaiq, the third full-length album from the Montréal-Beirut contemporary Arabic audio-visual duo.

Featuring voice, electronics, buzuk and other instrumentation from composer-producer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Matana Roberts, Suuns, BIG|BRAVE) and complemented by the 16mm analog film work of Charles-André Coderre in live performance, JIMH continues to expand the horizons of its profound conceptual and aesthetic engagement with Arabic/Middle Eastern traditions.

Daqa’iq Tudaiqis a masterful, mesmerising artistic statement and confirms Jerusalem In My Heart as one of the most engaged and forward-looking groups at work in avant-garde Middle Eastern music today. Thanks for listening.



UMMO is the solo musical project of the Indian artist, filmmaker, writer, and musician, Aditya Mandayam, a.k.a Benevolent Dictator of the art-cyborg BRUD. UMMO combines West-Coast modular synthesis like “Arp, Buchla, Serge, Ciat-Lonbarde, and countless nameless inventions that used bananas” with Indian classical singing, creating layers of ambisonic feedback, resonance, xenharmonic noise, and Carnatic vocals that he calls “modular folk”.

Mandayam and friends run the label BUIO and the radio station JUJU which focus on experimental and underground music. In recent years Mandayam’s practice has taken a turn towards the esoteric Hindu traditions of Tantra. Combining avante-garde performance aesthetics with his studies in classical voice, Mandayam’s operatic oeuvre is a gesamtkunstwerk of sculpture, theater, cinema, music, light, text, sound, and image. Drenched in the Tantric trinity of black, white, and red, UMMO is the High Priest of the Temple of the White Cube. His concerts are Yantric blackboxes for divining space and time, for the resonant Mantra that lies within.