I saw it twice, you need to see it: “Acid Mothers Reynols”

Acid Mothers Reynols: Live and Beyond, 2020

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– Acid Mothers Reynols: Live and Beyond, Alejandro Maly, 84 min.

Acid Mothers Reynols: Live and Beyond is a rockumental about two internationally recognized bands in the field of experimental music, drone, psychedelic,avantgarde, and other genres, the argentines Reynols and the japanese Acid Mothers Temple. The meeting of these two bands in Buenos Aires in November 2017 gave rise to a recital at Niceto Club, the recording of an album and a joint concert at Casa del Bicentenario. The documentary portrays the best of those three sessions, showing the bands playing live, visually accompanying the sound concept of both, witnessing the process of creation in the studio, overcoming the language barrier, connecting and coming together through music by the hand of the great Reynols leader, Miguel Tomasin and finally combining that union in an entranced jam. Between the tracks the bands muse on their work regarding spirituality as an essential foundation to develop their music.

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