Farah Hazim / Wissam Sader / Nina Guo & Auguste Vickunaite

Farah Hazim

Farah Hazim is a French-Lebanese sound artist investigating experimental and improvised forms of sound art; exploring alternative inquires into hearing, listening and experiencing with a particular interest in multi-channel environments and their ability to create immersive experiences. Often engaging in concepts linked to hauntology and sleep. Live improvisational set in a quadraphonic format, unfolding layers of frequencies, field recordings and noise.




Wissam Sader

Wissam Sader performances are based on field recordings, synthesis and found sounds, as well as using quadraphonic sound system which lead to explore deep listening and their ability with the attempt to reflect our evolving realities and understanding of the world.



Nina Guo and Auguste Vickunaite

Nina Guo and Auguste Vickunaite improvise together; Nina sings and Auguste plays reel-to-reel tape recorders. Their music frequently has loops and noise, but not exclusively. All sounds are live and analogue.