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are a british rock band
Preview: Umlaut Soap
Alfonso Bravo Gallo Lento [ES/CH]
It all started on a rainy day, starring a joint, some cheap synthesizers and an electric guitar
Vilte Gustyte and Jason Mcnamara [LT/IE]
2-second tape grooves
Ondula [ES]
Ondula delivers through her musical approach an unorthodox way to reach the emotions behind the shell. Record and cassette collector based in Berlin since more than a decade, Ondula was always and is still purchasing the singularity of any sonic experimentations – behind the desk with her library of musical rarities, with her partner on stage under the name of As Longitude.The emphasis on the right wave of frequencies and on the dreamy groove can be understood as a statement towards the listening experience.
Yief [ES]
Part of the Real No Real collective, Pablo Yief express his interests collecting music in any format, organizing DIY events and collaborating on independent radio. Just-for-fun.
A.U.S. [ES]
Under the moniker, Pablo Mirón is another member of the Real No Real collective and the responsable of the free-form platform Unlocked Youth, an open media that allows him to express ideas through radio and network, creating an archive of mixtapes, selected music from his collection and low-intensity subcultural propaganda.
Oscar der Winzige [ES]
is the founder of Sucked Orange, a gallery in Berlin, based on rituals and lucid dreams. Son of a collector of avant-gardedementia artefacts, forgotten universes and hidden histories, “Der Winzige” continues his fathers work in the most private way possible; through re-realising this music with a select audience, keen to discovery new musical territory, hungry to push new boundaries and explore their own limits of fantasy. The experience is not solely musical. This is just one key in gaining a deeper understanding of a world, enriched by friendship, the collective experience and self-discovery.
M. Aerobica [LT]
Thrown by the square lifebuoy M. Aerobica propels a reliable music into the digital age. He delves into sounds, which at a first glance may seem not sensuous but familiar, and uses it as a tool to communicate. Unexpected compositions, rhythmic experiments, catchy travels, undiscovered pop songs, and the whole passion found in an inexhaustible musical subculture are expected in a dj set.
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