Fundraising for DIY Music Cultural Centre


Help fund the creation of the first independent centre to foster and cultivate DIY music in Vilnius.

Our goal is to establish the first independent cultural centre for alternative music in Vilnius. It will include a space for concerts, workshops, a recording studio, a music library, and a residency for visiting artists.

The centre will be an open space for all musicians and anyone interested in DIY music. Not only do we hope to enable the creation of alternative music, we plan to offer various ways of spending leisure time for visitors to enjoy and share in the musical experience.

This video by Secretthirteen magazine represents the spaces within the house and the surroundings of Naujoji Vilnia district:



For 8 years we have been working in the DIY music sphere, organising alternative art concerts and festivals. We have fostered a large community of contributors, volunteers, musicians and music lovers. It has become clear that in order to continue growing and cultivating this music scene in Vilnius, we need to take a significant step forward. With our accumulated experience, equipment and expertise, we can build a vibrant centre for alternative music in the Baltics.


The cultural centre is primarily aimed at providing an environment for undiscovered artists to create unique music outside the domain of agencies and mainstream labels. We will help young, undiscovered, or forgotten musicians — those who currently lack any other possibilities — to perform, share, and distribute their musical self-expression.

By connecting these creators with their appropriate audiences, we seek to rediscover the original value of music, where listeners and performers can find one another through live musical interaction. We believe there is a large amount of music to be experienced and appreciated outside of the profit-driven music industry.

We plan to open our doors to the public, so visitors have a variety of ways to spend their leisure time enjoying and sharing in the musical experience. There will also be a gallery space for exhibitions and art installations, movie screenings and discussions, workshops, and other creative activities, not to mention a cafe offering healthy food options for visitors and artists to enjoy.


After a long search we’ve found the perfect space, located 20 minutes from downtown Vilnius. We hope to purchase the property as soon as possible, so that we will be ready to open our doors to the public in the Fall of 2018.

The space is a former industrial area located in the rapidly growing outskirts of Vilnius. It is located along the Vilnelė river and surrounded by forests,  but can easily be reached by public transportation.


As we are a non-profit organisation we need your help to raise the necessary funds for purchase and preparation of our centre.

In order to maintain the integrity of the music, we need to stay independent of any corporate sponsorships. Your donations can ensure that we remain completely autonomous and that our projects are based solely on quality of the music for the community that seeks it.

Vilnius is a tiny city and practices, such as squatting, are not common here due to the intensity and tight regulation of the local real estate market. Owning a building is basically the only long-term perspective for us. Renting is not an option as we would be unable to build and use the space according to our goals. More importantly the perfect building to bring our plans to life is on sale now.

Our target is to collect half of the needed amount — the rest we plan to invest ourselves. We have signed a preliminary contract on the property that gives us until May 2018 to raise the funds. Please consider donating so that we can start work immediately to bring this centre to life.

Mission & Vision

Our missions is to support and represent DIY music and other art forms, as well as to decrease consumerism and show alternative ways of creation, work and living for upcoming generation.

Our visions is to provide the platform for musicians and sound artists that create art outside the mainstream industries by establishing the first DIY cultural centre in Vilnius that would include a concert space, a recording studio and a residency.

Current status & Deadline

Campaign started on 6th of February, 2018
Deadline: 1st of June, 2018
Building total costs: 95,000 Eur
Our savings: 45,000 Eur
Raised with Indiegogo: 8,450 Eur
Raised organising events: 3,900 Eur
Raised via Paypal: 820 Eur
Missing part: 36,830 Eur
Idiegogo campaign (finished)

Cryptocurrency Wallet

We endorse with an initial idea of cryptocurrency and therefore would be happy to become a cultural centre partly funded by society of virtual currency. For those willing to donate with crypto currencies we have set Binance wallet addresses for:

Bitcoin: 1KzUzsdYSPYwF6nqbs9Wa2r9vKyQ6osxRA

Bitcoin Cash: 1KzUzsdYSPYwF6nqbs9Wa2r9vKyQ6osxRA

Etherium: 0x203e718269b844e0a7399b1ed5ea33092c989238

NEO: AURZyNGCmJaWGz8TZuYm21KFxh1Heg2wqo


EOS: 0x203e718269b844e0a7399b1ed5ea33092c989238

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TRON: 0x203e718269b844e0a7399b1ed5ea33092c989238

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Cardano: DdzFFzCqrht94HzoJVw8LWfZcPedzs37XRazQqqHm6JuCZR94JhoLSZLEvZYNojJNXZvmqLoTbG4799pL4brzDZQShm86kJFCnDHABDm

Ripple: rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh
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Stellar Memo: 1038806437

Monero: 44tLjmXrQNrWJ5NBsEj2R77ZBEgDa3fEe9GLpSf2FRmhexPvfYDUAB7EXX1Hdb3aMQ9FLqdJ56yaAhiXoRsceGJCRS3Jxkn
Monero deposit Payment ID: 2e76435247806fd6e76157c77222d9afc21ded9585785ba0ee8bd958d1b841be


*Please always double check in case of IOTA donation as the address needs to be renewed after each donation

Donations & Rewards

Choose a reward from a list bellow and make the donation via Paypal or bank transfer (see bank account details on the right side). Indicate “support for DIY centre in Vilnius” in the purpose field. Don’t forget to write down your shipping address in case an item you’ve picked needs to be shipped. Donation amount includes shipping.

Dedicated music compilation by Empty Brain
Donation 8 Eur. Item: download code

It’s an original music collection made exclusively for the purpose of fundraising. It includes songs by artists who have taken part in our music events, as well as some DIY music icons. We are proud names, such as Martin Newell (Cleaners from Venus), Don Campau, have dedicated their music to support us. You can as well donate via bandcamp

Upcoming music releases by cultural centre
Donation 100 Eur. Item: music subscription

It’s a subscription to all releases (digital format) of music that will be recorded and/or released at the cultural centre. It’s nothing else but music that is the ultimate reason as well as goal for the centre. Enjoy this reward and make sure you won’t miss any new DIY music discoveries at the centre

Annual pass to cultural center
Donation 200 Eur. Item: Free entry

It’s a one-year position on the centre’s “guest list” for all events since the opening. Support now, so later you could enjoy dozens of concerts, exhibitions, screenings, workshops and much more for free.

4-day artist residency
4 avaialble. Donation 300 Eur. Item: residency at the centre

It’s a 4-day residency at the centre after opening. Dedicated primarily for musicians and sound artists, the centre will also welcome residents in visual, interdisciplinary, architecture or any other art fields. From the fall of 2019, come experience the newly opened DIY cultural spot. If you have a related question, contact us via e-mail:

10-day artist residency
4 available. Donation 600 Eur. Item: residency at the centre

It’s a 10-day residency at the centre after opening. Dedicated primarily for musicians and sound artists, the centre will also welcome residents in visual, interdisciplinary, architecture or any other art fields. or other art fields. From the fall of 2019, come experience the newly opened DIY cultural spot. If you have a related question, contact us via e-mail:

Recording in the studio
4 available. Donation 900 Eur. Item: Album recording

This one is musicians and bands oriented reward. A recording of an album in our DIY analogue studio. We will be able to record and monitor the vocals and instruments. Additionally, we could help and arrange the self-release of your album on tape, cd or vinyl, but this option would cost you additionally. Related questions should be addressed to:

Dedicated song
Donation 1000 Eur. Item: personal track about you or anyone/anything you prefer

Music artist of our network will create a song fro your personality. We need to receive a photo of yours, your name, place of birth and your field of interest. This can be an interesting experiment.

Sculptural object
3 available. Donation: 3000 Eur. Item: Personal sculptural object

An artist of our network will come up with an idea, develop, project and create a personal sculptural object dedicated to your personality. An object can be made out of glass, steel, paper, stone, plastic, found objects and so on. We would place it at the cultural centre or if you wish we could find a way to deliver it to you for additional costs.

Music album by Woo
129 available. Donation: 8 Eur. Item: download code.

We are proud being supported by Woo, a great studio band of British brothers Clive and Mark Ives. They have been recording together since the 70’s and created a unique musical world of their own. Take your chance to introduce yourself with the world of Woo by downloading 1 of 7 available albums.

Drawings catalogue by Aidas Bareikis and Bill Saylor
7 available. Donation: 9 Eur. Item: catalogue.

The catalogue consists of 60 selected drawings by collaborating New York-based artists Aidas Bareikis and Bill Saylor. A process when one of them started a piece and the other finished was the essence of this co-operation of almost two months. Criticism of the solipsism idea and continuous duplication, different techniques and unpredictable outcomes also formed a new identity with neither Bareikis nor Saylor entirely in it. Aidas Bareikis (b. 1967) is a Lithuanian artist, working in fields of art installations, drawings, collages and paintings. His drawings have allusions to automatism, chaos, criticism of consumerism and duplication. Wild animals, characters from unwritten stories, neo-gothic manner, shaky hand effect and dark colors make up an apocalyptic condition that is easily recognizable in his works. Bareikis solo shows took place at Leo Koenig Inc. gallery in New York, Berlin Contemporary Art Center, Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius, Kunsthalle Wien; he has also participated in group exhibitions in USA and Europe including MoMa PS1, Eleni Koroneou gallery in Athens, Asbaek gallery in Copenhagen, National Art Gallery in Vilnius and many more. Bareikis studied at Vilnius Art Academy and Hunter College, lives and works in New York City. Bill Saylor (b. 1960) is an American painter and sculptor, who is also extremely efficient in drawings. While combining force, unconscious structures and humor, Saylor creates the beauty in chaos. Elegant, abstract, full of energy, iconic images and links to street tags or punk rock, his drawings reflect his past and a lot of criticism of capitalism and narratives of daily life. He studied at Santa Barbara College and California State University, has been exhibited in USA, Japan, Sweden, Greece, Denmark. Saylor lives and works in New York City.

Baikapanik CD
4 available. Donation 10 Eur. Item: CD

Go, Hagaken and Mariwo form a Japanese experimental music band from Osaka. They been playing at Ausys stačios, akys palčios festival and left some CD’s for us. We have 5 pieces. I will pick up a random in case of donation, or if you want a certain one, contact first. We’ll see what we have. A preview:

Album by Hunllef
8 available. Donation 16 Eur. Item: vinyl record

It’s the first album by Hunllef, a band formed by close friends of ours. The album was recorded in a home cellar studio in Berlin and released by a London based label Valley Sound Records.

24.3.16 by Doc Wör Mirran
7 available. Donation 15 Eur. Item: vinyl record

It’s an album of improvised experimental music by Doc Wör Mirran. The band’s latest release features Re-Drum and Sascha Stadlmeier. The concept of DWM has always been a combination of music, graphics, painting, sculpture, poetry and other mediums. It was a great pleasure to host their performance at our last summer’s festival Braille Satellite.

HD trailer LP by Datashock
2 available. Donation 16 Eur. Item: vinyl record

Datashock is a collective of multi-instrumentalists that plaid at STRCAMP festival in 2014. On this record the cosmic caravan takes its journey in 4 different original tracks, exploring the psycho acoustic sound with echoes of far and never existed worlds together with an irreverent vision of our world today, with its new mania and obsessions.

W.S.F.O. by Harald “Sack” Ziegler
10 available. Donation 15 Eur. Item: vinyl record

It’s a 1994 vinyl release recorded with the Hammer organ played by Axel Fisher at the Ev.-Luth. St. Marienkirche in Hannover-Hainholz. Harald “Sack” Ziegler did the whistling, singing, effects, recording, mixing and composition of this record. Last summer Harald staged a concert at our festival Braille Satellite.

Tape Naast De Kwestie
0 available. Donation 30 Eur. Item: Double cassette, poster zine, booklet

It’s the Second Anthology of The Contemporary Belgian Atonals released by (K-RAA-K)³. The double cassette compilation of grunge, experimental, noise, electro and industrial music also includes a poster zine and a booklet by Joeri Bruyninckx – a researcher in the field of sensory DIY culture in Belgium.

Kind Kind by Sack & Blumm
10 available. Donation: 5 Eur. Item: CD.

It’s an album by Harald “Sack” Ziegler and F.S. Blumm (Frank Schültge). Harald started composing and performing his own music in around 1986. He got involved in the 80’s tape scene and is making music till today. Last summer Harald staged his concert at our festival Braille Satellite. We are proud now he supports us in launching the centre.

Shy noon by Sack & Blumm
10 available. Donation: 5 Eur. Item: CD.

It’s an album by Harald “Sack” Ziegler and F.S. Blumm (Frank Schültge). Harald started to compose and perform his own music in around 1986. He got involved in the 80’s tape scene and is making music till today. Last summer Harald staged his concert at our festival Braille Satellite. We are very proud now he supports us in launching the centre.

2 x 5 by Sack & Blumm
45 available. Donation: 7 Eur. Item: 10″ vinyl record.

It’s a split record of electro music by Harald “Sack” Ziegler and F.S. Blumm (Frank Schültge). Harald started composing and performing his own music in around ’86. He got involved in the 80’s tape scene and is making music till today. Last summer Harald staged his concert at our festival Braille Satellite. We are proud being supported by him now.

Photobook Public Secrets
4 available. Donation: 45 Eur. Item: Photography book

The photography book by our friend photographer Visvaldas Morkevičius is a collection of urban experiences. The geography of these experiences spans both the city’s nightlife (as well as what’s left behind the scenes) and private spaces which provoke and, often, dictate specific actions.

12″ by Born Free
8 available. Donation: 10 Eur. Item: 12″ single record

Stockholm based Born Free label operated by our friends DJ Sling, Samo DJ and DJ City supports us with their 12″ releases. We’ll choose 1 of 8 available single records for you in case you choose this item. If you prefer a specific single, send us a note via e-mail and we’ll tell you what records are still available.

Record by Shitcluster
8 available. Donation: 10 Eur. Item: 12″ vinyl record

Shitcluster is the Hague based duo making music, video and other arts. Two years ago the duo performed a memorable show at our summer event Ausys Stačios, Akys Plačios. Choosing this item means we’ll choose 1 of 11 available records for you. If you prefer a specific one, send us e-mail. To check the records, browse here:

Double album by Hymn
2 available. Donation: 18 Eur. Item: 12″ vinyl record

A re-release of Hymn’s Coming home and Too many lies cassette tapes by Domestica label managed by our good friend Jordi. All the tracks were originally self-released by the band as two demo tapes. Domestica recovered the songs and made it available on vinyl. Edition of 400 numbered copies has hand stamped sleeve and includes an insert with photos.

X-mas Card From Outer Space compilation
2 available. Donation: 17 Eur. Item: 12″ vinyl record and download code

A compilation of electronic music in electro, experimental, ambient and industrial styles released by Domestica label based in Barcelona. All tracks selected by Oscar Smith and label owner Jordi Serrano. Edition of 400 copies. Laminated translucent sleeve, hand stamped. Complete with dossier including liner notes by Oscar, band bios and photos.

Where Muses Dwell by Dominion
3 available. Donation: 17 Eur.  Item: 12″ vinyl record

Another release by Domestica label that made first album of Dominion (Andrew Szava-Kovats) available on vinyl. “Dominion incorporates influences from Eno to Xymox, combining industrial and ambient sequences to create a unique atmosphere.” Includes insert with liner notes by Andrew Szava-Kovats himself.

Abstracte compilation by Domestica
2 available. Donation: 17 Eur.  Item: 12″ vinyl record

This Domestica label release managed by our good friend Jordi Serrano is a retrospective, a contemporary vision towards the past, a glimpse into a historical, artistic and musical moment in time, a spontaneous movement, wholly counter-culture and out of the mainstream circuits, which Barcelona town lived in the late 70s early 80s.

Festival signboard
3 available. Donation 70 Eur. Item: decorative signboard

It’s an original signboard for ex-STRCAMP festival made by our god friends Ieva Rojūtė and Dangiras Bugas. We have only 5 pieces available – get one to decorate your room.

Nathalie Hugues zine
1 available. Donation 20 Eur. Item: zine

Nathalie Hugues zine released by in Fact and in Fiction. It is in a transparent plastic box 2×11,5×16 cm; inside there are many “postcards” of drawings and texts (Italian language) digitally printed on cardboard and acetate around 15×10,5 cm (different formats consider the original dimensions of the paintings); 27 pages in total. Released by In fact and In fiction

Face Down Dog by Twoonky
1 available. Donation 10 Eur. Item: cassette

Twoonky as you could guess is a parallel project of TwoMonkeys. Two brothers and our close friends Brescia, a part of our big family as well. They attended most of our festivals bringing new music and returning crowds from Italy every time. This tape offers funked out lo-fi grooves – soaked up with minimalism, spontaneity and tons of weirdness.