The Legendary Flower Punk & Louder than Mice


Started in 2012 as an obscure side project of Kamille Sharapodinov (guitarist of established Russian heavy psych proggers The Grand Astoria) The Legendary Flower Punk quickly became a beast of its own. The band mixes psychedelia, space rock, funky fusion and electronics in a joyful manner like no one else. Krautrock, Japanoise, and jazz are also no stranger words in the vocabulary of TLFP.

Kamille Sharapodinov is that kind of musician with a true grasp on what he wants to achieve through his music, but what is more impressive is his ability to surround himself with other top-class musician and the ability to use those musicians in an intelligent manner picking exactly the right sound for each moment. ‘Zen Variations’ is an impressive collection of songs, all driven by an even more impressive collection of musicians. As someone astutely noted on the Bandcamp page: “it’s definitely much more than just a side project of The Grand Astoria’s leader”

The new album named “Wabi Wu” was released via Tonzonen Records in November 2019 and gained a massive amount of positive response from all over the world.




Louder Than Mice is an instrumental duo from Kaunas which has been operating in obscurity since 2014. Currently, the band is focusing on Americana-derived jazz (allegedly) popularized by the lord and savior Bill Frisell, mixing it with post-hardcore and African and Latin rhythms. “These guys can sure roll.” – I. Stravinsky